Marco Introini

Anterselva Lake

Cold Winter

Trivigno (SO)

Last Lights in Piangembro (SO)

A beautiful sunset in Piangembro (SO) - Italy is over, and in the following twilight I took this picture. The trees reflected in the alpine lake and the lights of the only house on the lake side created a magcal athmosphere

Oga's Church

Three Trees

Trivigno (SO)

Winter Water

A small mountain creek passes through Postalesio, a very small town in the north of Italy During winter time very often we will see snow on its river, creating fascinating effects This picture was taken with a ND8 filter on a Olympus m43 camera


Night is coming

in Sondrio, Italy

White Arrow

Trivigno (SO)

Snow in Vineyard

Snow in Vineyards near Sondrio - Italy

Trivigno (SO)

Trivigno (SO)

Snow in Valtellina

Dobbiaco Lake

Toblach - Dobbiaco Lake Dolomites, Northern Italy

Under Anterselva Lake

Sunset in Piangembro

Twilight in Valtellina

A shepherd and his cow

Spring Paradise

Rise of the Cloud Dragon :)